First Sky Lance Journal

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Following a life time of having an interest in flight and model aircraft I took the decision to use these skills and put them to some use.

In January 2021 despite being in the grip of a global pandemic I launched SkyLance Media (No pun intended but I’m claiming it). The launch was following months of organization and gathering Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) certification. 

Based in Ruthin North Wales, I enjoy the positioning that gives me access to Snowdonia to my left and Cheshire to my right, obviously this is all done adhering to what ever tier we are all in when i need to travel. 

I try to take a drone with me when I go walking, this offers an alternative perspective in the world we live in. Images from above a forest provide a carpet like texture to the world that in the past isn’t readily available. Please stay with me on this journey and get in touch if you have any questions or requests.

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