Historically obtaining any aerial imagery has been a costly exercise. SkyLance media can quickly obtain and review imagery for a variety of applications. Missions can be flown without the need to expensively charter an aircraft to provide a simple bird’s eye view. Images by drone can be from multiple angles and the captured images can be made instantly available in JPEG or RAW file formats.

Before the commencement of a project a full consultation will be had and if appropriate a site visit carried out to ensure the expectations of the project can be met.

If images are for a visual record of a project, at SkyLance media we can arrange multiple visits when key milestones of a project have been met. We can reproduce the framing of the image to allow a clear representation of the progress.

If you are struggling to find a location to get that perfect image or video, SkyLance Media can offer a location scouting service.

All operations are carried out with full insurance and Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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Key Info

Images can be captured at a time of day to suit your requirements.

Still images can complement a video project, a full media package is available please get in touch to discuss.

Images can be provided printed in a variety of medias and sizes.           

 A current aerial image can complement sales brochure if you are selling your home or other commercial property.

Land based photography also available.


Aerial Imagery Information


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