4K Aerial videography can be obtained at multiple levels and at a speed to suit your requirements. At SkyLance media we offer cinemograph quality video and exciting fast freestyle first person view (FPV) footage.

Before the commencement of a project a full consultation will be had and if appropriate a site visit carried out to ensure the expectations of the project can be met.

A full storyboard can be created to help visualise the content, this helps manage expectation by both parties. SkyLance media can offer a full media package that can bring all aspects of your marketing project together with a consistent theme and shooting style. The all-inclusive package can help prevent costs spiraling and reduces the chance of having to repeat work because of loss of project focus.

If you are struggling to find a location to get that perfect video or photo, SkyLance Media can offer a location scouting service.

All operations are carried out with full insurance and Operational Authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Key Info

Video can be captured at a time of day to suit your requirements.

4K video capturing, a full media package is available please get in touch to discuss.           

Captured video can be presented as unedited or edited.

Land based videography and professional sound capture also available.

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